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"A Return to my Home Church Led to me to my Destiny."

My Covenant - A Plan For Watson - Aimée Clarke Bass

A social response to whether "Prayer" can cure Depression...

It worked for me. When all that I was and all that I had was lost. In the that moment when there was nothing and no one could ever save me from me. When HE makes his presence clear to you in your life and you realized that you too are worthy. You too are a child of GOD. You too have a job to do for HIM. When awoken the first thing I looked for in the Psych ward was the Bible. Then the nurses told me that I had a call from Pastor Pat Watson. I had not spoken to her in over 15 years but apparently during my "mania" I cried out for her to the point where the only thing that calm me was knowing that she was being contacted. At this point I was pumped up on over 9 mental health medications and had no idea where I was. When Pastor ask me what I needed her to do I said that all I wanted her to do is "Pray for me. Just Pray for me." I didn't know if I wanted to live. I didn't know if I wanted to die. But I knew I had to speak to her - Pastor Watson. 12 years after my first break down in 2005. Over 10 years later on 12-31-17 after years of medical, psychological treatment, therapist, tools and some courage GOD brought me home. Not to his home in Heaven but to my Home Church. Where I am learning the world of God and how to pray. Today I boldly live my truth with reckless abandon Winning and Living my dream to let you know that GOD is real. Open your heart and I will pray for your Breakthrough. One Love - One Life One GOD. #notbroken. #neverscared. Prayer focuses you on God's love and drowns out the fears and doubts of anxiety.


A Testimony of Hope
I can no longer hide my story. My healing can heal the masses that suffer in silence everyday.


The REALM Company LLC.

I will do the Good Works of GOD with everything that 
I am.
I am a talented artist, writer and story teller. I have a skills 
and resources in the Media and Entertainment industry and
have formed a partnership in order to share the work of 
Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries on Channel 76 Cox
Community Access channel. Starting with Guest Segments
leading to the production / development / distribution via 
The REALM Company LLC. & Perfect Anointing Ministries 


Graciously and Humbly extend an invitation to share their platform and help you share your vision.


I will do the Good Works of GOD with
everything that I have.
I am a licensed Insurance Agent in the State of
Louisiana. I became an agent so I can help people
avoid the financial pitfalls that have I have suffered.

My husband had a car accident, became temporarily
disabled for an extended period of time and then
we lost our first home.As an agent I have the power
to teach the community about insurance products
and how they can make a difference in times of  
crisis. I will also provided them with the information
needed to provide much needed generational wealth
in our communities.  Insurance products also give us
the power to leave Charitable Gifts to their favorite
organizations. I volunteer to form and advise a
"Legacy Ministry" in order to provide this power to
Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries and other
churches in our community.


I will do the Good Works of GOD with everything that I am going to Be.

Hope For Life - Outreach Education Courses 

Types of Insurance

Financial Literacy

First-Time Home Buyer 

Credit Smart - Strategies

Identity Protection

Money Mindset

All in collaboration with
NOLA United Front a non-profit
agency that maximizes impact
through community outreach
partnerships for the greater
good.  I can bring this program
to the Family Center of Hope and 

other community organizations. 

Aimee's Next Steps

  • Complete HUD Housing Counseling Training in Dallas, TX
  • Pass Real Estate Exam
  • Pass HUD Housing Counseling Certification Exam
  • Financial Literacy Program Curriculum 
  • Train & Write Grants for Program Sustainability 
  • Collaborate with up to 10 Non- Profits in order to Fight the Good Fight against Economic Injustice in our communities
  • Estimated time frame 4-5 months

Help me bring the Dream of Home Ownership to the Family Center of Hope and our communities"